1. What is X2D


X2D is open source platform game featuring in-game physics and innovative gameplay. It runs on both Linux and Windows.

Programming language C++
Platforms Linux,Windows
Rendering OpenGL
Scripting Lua
FX Sounds and music
Game physics Built-in 2D physics engine (Box2D)
License GPLv3
Current state Pre-alpha. Not playable.

2. Evolution of X2D

X2D went a long road before it became what it is now (which still isn't much).

2.1. SVN revision 11

New artwork, new GUI and GUI controls, a lot of code fixes, new map format, new way of drawing graphics in game, new animation system, conversion to CMake, new log system, slopes, new font and mouse pointer, GPLv3, new features of the edit mode (undo, copy-paste) and others.


2.2. X2D v. 039

New way of drawing buttons, and some small fixes.


2.3. X2D v. 035

GUI improvement. Nicer buttons.


2.4. X2D v. 033



2.5. X2D v. 030

Starting player position. Map view can be now placed anywhere inside the window.


2.6. X2D c. 027

Transparent water (without alpha channel). Sonic sprite (from http://www.panelmonkey.org) used to test main character animations.


2.7. X2D v. 021


2.8. X2D v. 019

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