1. Misc utilities

1.1. Toy macro processor

Toy macro processor - source code

Toy macro processor - test input

This is very simple macro processor written in C++. It's a command-line tool.

1.2. Phi calculator

Phi calculator - source code

This simple program calculates 1000 digits of phi (the golden ratio).

1.3. Compare tool

Compare tool - source code

This simple program compares two (or more) files byte by byte, and outputs positions and values of changed (or not changed) bytes. This tool is very useful for savefile editing.

Use case example: You play some game, then save it in file 'a.sav', make some change (like spend money), save it in file 'b.sav'. Then you use this tool:

xcomp a.sav d b.sav

If the result is inconclusive, you may play your game for a little bit more not changing value you are looking for, then save it as 'c.sav', and then use this tool like this:

xcomp a.sav d b.sav s c.sav

It will now list bytes which are different in 'a.sav' and 'b.sav', but the same in 'b.sav' and 'c.sav'. And so on.

1.4. Naive Bayes Classifier in Lua

Implementation of the Naive Bayes Classifier in Lua scripting language.


1.5. CMAC


Implementation of the CMAC algorithm in C++.

cmac.cpp - main program

cmac_gen.cpp - simple piece of code generating some input

cmac_in.txt - sample input

do.sh - script used to generate the plots


1.6. Linear Approximator

Simple linear approximator implemented in C++.


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