1. Krot CMS

KrotCMS is a little piece of code which serves as Content Management System for this web site. It is really minimalistic, and is not oriented at absolute beginners. KrotCMS is not available for download (yet).

KrotCMS is XML-based. It uses server-side XSLT to generate XHTML. KrotCMS does not introduce any new markup. It uses XML and XSL, which are well established standards.

KrotCMS doesn't provide WYSIWYG editors, because its author doesn't like them. KrotCMS lets you edit raw XML.

2. KrotCMS 2.0

Unlike previous version of KrotCMS, which allowed for only one site-wide XLS tranformation, KrotCMS 2.0 allows for multiple tranformations. Now it is much easier to create a group of pages sharing style and content, and additionaly have some site-wide style and content sharing.

3. Features of KrotCMS

  • PHP based.
  • Single-user.
  • Content is stored in XML, and server-side XSLT is performed to generate XHTML.
  • Support for inline math, for example: \(\displaystyle\int^5_1 2x\,dx = 24\). For more examples go to EPRST.
  • Support for code highlighting, for example: function add_ab(a,b) return a+b end
  • Simple image galleries. Go to Graphics for examples.
  • User-friendly addressing using mod_rewrite.

4. Examples

if($lang) { /* comment */ return 11; }

5. Roadmap

  • Access control.
  • Easier navigation. Two-level menu is not enough. Sometimes we need something more.
  • Appearance improvement.
  • Page titles store in MySQL database. This would make easier to keep content consistent.
  • Search functionality. It should not violate security restrictions.
  • There's site map page. One can edit it to modify main menu and other menus.
  • Img tags with relative addresses should be properly modified.
  • Attribute forwarding.
  • Caching.
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