1. GPMizer - Simple Macro Processor

1.1. Description

GPMizer is a simple processor of a macro language called GPM - a simple educational macro language.

1.2. Simple examples

An example of GPM syntax is:

$DEF,HTML,HyperText Markup Language;
HTML stands for $HTML;.

This would generate:

HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language.

Macrodefinitions may have arguments. For example:

$DEF,NICE_DIV,<<<div style="background: #eee">>&1<</div>>>;
$NICE_DIV,This text is inside a div.;

would generate:

<div style="background: #eee">This text is inside a div.</div>

1.3. Predefined macros

Addition, subtraction, division, multiplication. For example:


1.4. Complex examples

Factorial function:


1.5. Source files

gpm.cpp - source file

RawVector.h - helper file

test.txt - test file

test2.txt - another test file

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