1. What is this web site for?

I have a habit of creating content, which then usually stays buried deep in the file system, forgotten and unused. A web page is a good place to gather this content together and present it to the world, in case the world finds it useful. There is more theory behind it, but I think this summary is enough.

2. How does this web page work?

This web page is based on my own CMS system, KrotCMS. It is itself written in PHP, and it serves web pages written in XML as XHTML, performing server-side XSLT.

All the content is prepared using free software. I use Kate advanced text editor to edit .xml, .xsl and .php files. I use Gimp and Inkscape to draw graphics. And I run all of them on Linux.

3. Who is the author of this web page?

My name is Janusz Kowalski. I'm a software developer. I spend my time studying or writing sotware which nobody uses.

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